Make better things. Make things better. Repeat.

Once upon a time, when you spent good money on something—you actually got something “good”. A quality item that worked the way it was supposed to and stood up to the test of time. Products were made with attention to detail, and crafted using solid and durable materials. We miss that way of doing things and we want it back—even if we can’t truly remember it. So, we’re tracking down everyday lifestyle items that we can’t live without—and raising the bar for how it feels to own them.

But here’s the thing: we don’t want to step on people or trash the planet to do it. In fact, we think to create truly exceptional products, the wellbeing of communities and the environment should be considered from the very start.

We’re for healthy forests—and oceans free of plastic. We want the world to be a better place because our business exists, not worse off because of it. That early goal led us to develop several fundamental principles—a series of mandates, in essense—that we apply to all Olive+Comet gear, and to our day-to-day operations:

Our Commitment

1. We keep plastic & silicone out of our products, and therefore, out of our oceans.

2. We source materials that are smarter and better—for people, and the environment.

3. We seek out and support fair trade practices and shun unfair labor.

4. We aim to continually improve the environmental impact of our products, and to operate climate-positive on the whole.

5. We give back to the planet and society—in ways that are impactful and verifiable.

Our Core Values

Olive+Comet was created to do more than just “take and earn”. We’re proud to operate as a triple bottom line company—a business model that commits to focussing as much on social responsibility and ecological concerns as it does on profitability.

We believe that social and environmental affairs are interwoven, and we seek to provide positive impact in the places we do business. Our core values guide us, and play a key role in every decision we make:

Authenticity: We believe in actions that are genuine. We aim high, and we don’t cut corners.

Integrity: We say what we do, and do what we say.

Transparency: Our business dealings and supply chain choices are purposeful and traceable.

People: We embrace diversity and treat everyone with respect.

Planet: We protect the environment and its resources, and give back in meaningful ways.

We’re Not Perfect. We’re People.

We may change the way we do things, but we’ll never change why we do them. Sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we realize there is inconsistency—even controversy—with some current methods that aim to support sustainability. Why then, do we continue to utilize them? Take shipping, for instance. Carbon neutral shipping isn’t truly carbon neutral. So, we purchase offsets and fund carbon-capture projects to achieve “carbon neutral” emissions—but somewhere, the ecological damage that we "buy our way” out of is still taking place—and it’s affecting communities in disproportionate ways. It’s an imperfect system to be sure, but a necessary tool until better alternatives become available.

We’re not perfect—but we’re in this for all the right reasons. We continue to research best practices, to seek out promising alternatives and to make improvements whenever possible—so we can implement changes in ways that support our mission.

Our Partners